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Run and Relax

Recently life has taken me on quite a rollercoaster. From the biggest of achievements tothe saddest of news. Sadly, that is just how life works sometimes. The journey we are on is unknown and we never know what's around the corner. However, how we deal with these events that really make the difference.

I learned the hard way this weekend that sometimes we just need to stop and allow our bodies a chance to recharge. When your body has been through a lot it sometimes gives you a big sign to tell you to simply stop and recharge. My body did this by simply hitting me with a stomach bug. Forcing me to stop and rest. Which in hindsight is exactly what I've been needing.

Some people may think that allowing your body chance to stop will be bad for your plan but it's quite the opposite. Looking after your physical body and your mental body is so important for your wellness. Yes, there are benefits of exercising during periods of stress, as it can release a lot of pressure from you and give you a chance to simply forget about what is happening. However, sometimes what your body really needs is to simply stop, have a break from the norm, a chance to recharge your batteries and relax. Whether that means resting at home or going on a retreat. Our bodies are amazing things, capable of a lot but sometimes they just need a chance to recharge.

It can seem quite hard at times to simply stop. Let's face it, life gets really busy with work, social life and that's before trying to find time for yourself. Sometimes all you need to do is simply block out time in your diary to let your body rest and recharge. A chance to listen to your body and allow it to recharge. Stop, relax and allow your body time to process and recharge.

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