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In this Place Where We Belong

I recently watched the film adaptation of “Everybody’s Talking about Jamie”, and it got me thinking a lot about how we perceive ourselves in society and what impact other people’s views or opinions can have on us. We all have that one place where we feel our true self and where we feel we belong. A place where we can be ourselves without worrying what anyone else thinks about us. A place where we can be in the spotlight and shine as our own.

We spend our lives being surrounded by people on our social media feeds telling us how we should be or what we should look like, but this isn’t doing us any good. In reality, it is making us push down or hide our true self. The comments can come around telling us that we look “too campy” or “too preppy” but why should we change who we truly are? Why change the true person we are deep inside. Instead of listening to the comments that tell us who we should be, we should listen to our soul and be our true self. No matter what others may think.

Once we’ve embraced who we truly are we can find that place where we belong. The place we feel we can always be our true self. The place where we can step “into the spotlight, out of the darkness”. Although it does sound fairly simple, it can be one of the hardest things to do. Accepting who the real you is, and having that love for yourself can be one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. We can all be guilty of hiding away the true version of ourselves to please others around us but why are we doing it? Why hide who we truly are.

If this film has taught me anything, it is that we should only embrace who we are. Never hide away or change who we are based on what others think. Although the power of social media can make it hard to be our true self, we shouldn’t let that stop us. We aren’t defined by the people who surround us, but we are defined by ourselves. As the film says “stop waiting for permission to be you”. We shouldn’t need to wait for someone to tell us that it is ok to be our true self. Although it can be hard to be true to you if people are bringing you down, the best thing for our mental health is to simply be us. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be, whether that is by pursuing that dream you’ve always had, or simply dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable, be true to yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you how to be.

Another part of this that can be challenging at times is ensuring that we are surrounded by people who accept who we are. Our family and friends should be the ones who help keep us up and embrace who we are. If your friends aren’t accepting who the real you is, then are they really friends? Are they the sort of people who you want in your life? The answer for me is always no. If someone is constantly bringing me down and telling me to be something I’m not then I don’t want to be their friend. This has happened to me personally before, and I have honestly felt so much better getting rid of them as a friend. The people who I trust the most are the people who are constantly cheering me on and boosting me. The people who love who I am and celebrate me for being me. Yes, there will always be some people who don’t fully accept who you are, but if they still celebrate you for being you then that’s all that matters.

We are always going to meet people in life who don’t always agree with who we are, people who may not like the way we look or even talk, but they don’t know the real you. They don’t know just how amazing a person you are and just how much you bring to the world. So, next time someone tells you to be something or someone you’re not. Stop for a moment and think. Do I really want this person in my life? Do I really want to be friends with someone who doesn’t love me for being me? The answer is usually no. Don’t be afraid to ditch people from your life if they aren’t giving you positive energy and helping you to be the entire whole version of your true self.

Always remember that the only version of you is the true you. This quote from the film really sums it all up for me.

“Every day’s a chance. Every day’s a choice. Even losers sometimes end up winning. So go and find your dance. Go and find your voice. Cos the party’s only just beginning.”

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