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I have never danced before, can I take part?

Absolutely YES! All of my classes are suitable to all adults no matter what your background. Every style covered can easily be adapted, and I am more than happy to explain anything during class.

I have a long standing joint problem, are your classes suitable?

Of course. Although Fusion Fitness can be a high impact class it can easily be adapted to make it lower impact. DDMix is generally a lower impact class compared to Fusion Fitness, however both can easily be altered to suit your personal needs.

I have seen a routine on Strictly, can we do it?

Yes, of course we can. Like many of us I am a huge Strictly fan, and I'm more than happy to have requests for songs or routines. If we haven't done the routine before, I will make sure we add it to our repetoire.

I am going to miss a class, can I catch up?

Yes you can. Due to music licensing, I am only able to record Fusion Fitness classes. However, if there is a specific class you are going to miss a class, and it's a theme you love. Simply let me know and I will record and upload it for you.

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