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I have never danced or done yoga before, can I take part?

Absolutely YES! All of my classes are suitable to all adults no matter what your background. Every style covered can easily be adapted, and I am more than happy to explain anything during class.

I have a long standing joint problem, are your classes suitable?

Of course. Although Fusion Fitness can be a high impact class it can easily be adapted to make it lower impact. DDMix is generally a lower impact class compared to Fusion Fitness, however both can easily be altered to suit your personal needs.

 As for Yoga, my classes are more about how you feel in the moment rather than how your body looks. There are a number of different adaptions I can offer to suit your needs during classes.

I have seen a routine on Strictly, can we do it?

Yes, of course we can. Like many of us I am a huge Strictly fan, and I'm more than happy to have requests for songs or routines. If we haven't done the routine before, I will make sure we add it to our repetoire.

I am going to miss a class, can I catch up?

Yes you can. Due to music licensing, I am only able to record Fusion Fitness and my Yoga classes. However, if there is a specific class you are going to miss a class, and it's a theme you love. Simply let me know and I will record and upload it for you.

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