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Welcome to Kushi Movement

Hi there, I'm Matthew, the founder of Kushi Movement. As a Fitness Instructor, my aim is to provide you with easy to follow workouts in a safe and inclusive enviroment. Sharing my passion for dance and fitness. With over 14 years in the dance industry and over 280 hours under my belt.

A Kushi Movement class aims to give you an amazing workout. The classes are suitable to everyone, no matter your age or ability, and each step is adaptable.

A dance fitness class is unlike any workout class you may have attended. It takes working out to a whole new level. At the end of class I can guarantee that you will feel amazing and will leave with a big smile on your face.







Our classes clients have burnt up to 500 calories in just one class.

A dance workout provides your body with a boost of endorphins which naturaly boosts your mood.

Our classes provide you with an opportunity to escape the stress of the week and let yourself go. A chance to destress and be yourself.

A dance workout is a workout for your whole body. Each class gets your whole body grooving.


Take a look at what some of the Kushi Movement family said about their experience.

I just love starting each Saturday with my dance workout (and I don't easily get up early). The classes are fun and varied. The dances we do are 'manageable' but we're still given a really good workout. Matt is a really good teacher who takes time to explain dances and he makes the sessions enjoyable. In essence, they're fun!



A mixture of loving the variety of the dances and routines, the teacher and how good it makes me feel at the end of the class. A great start to the weekend




Matt is a great teacher. He's always upbeat and makes the classes fun. You feel you've had a good workout.



The classes are a great way to start your weekend! We get a chance to sample loads of different dance styles and nobody bothers if you make a mistake, just keep the energy up and keep moving! Give it a shot!

- Gemma

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